Company Introduction

                                                Wuxi silicon power Microelectronics Co., Ltd. was established in June 2003, and completed the joint-stock transformation in February 2007, with a registered capital of 55 million yuan. The company is located in Wuxi National High tech Industrial Development Zone, covering an area of 30 mu, with a construction area of 5000 square meters. It is 7 kilometers away from the Shuofang International Airport in southern Jiangsu and 2 kilometers away from the high-speed railway station. In order to better serve our customers, we have set up sales and Pre-sale / after-sales service support branch in Shenzhen.

                                                Silicon power has an excellent talent team with domestic and foreign technology development and management experience. It is an integrated circuit design enterprise recognized by the Ministry of industry and information technology, a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province recognized by the provincial science and Technology Department, and has provincial and municipal engineering technology centers.

                                                The company has advanced integrated circuit design and test platform, gives full play to the technical advantages of digital analog mixing and system integration, and develops high-quality power management integrated circuit products with independent intellectual property rights, including AC / DC, DC / DC, multiple lithium battery protection chips, high-precision analog detection control switch and other green power management chips, which can be widely used in intelligent It can be used in mobile phone charger, 5g communication adapter, smart meter, small household appliances, smart home, industrial and automotive electronics. The company has obtained 107 invention and utility model patents and 85 integrated circuit layout copyrights.

                                                Over the years, silicon power has won a number of honors, won the "ten years of China chip (2001-2010) - excellent design enterprise award" by the Ministry of industry and information technology; has won the electronic engineering album "IC design company achievement award" for five times; won the "Wuxi top 10 excellent design Enterprise Award" and "Wuxi top 10 IC design enterprises" for many times, and achieved the achievement of "new technology, new product and new application" in the 2019 World Internet of things Expo New awards, etc.

                                                Several products of the company have won industry awards, such as FM receiver chip for mobile phone / MP3, high-speed infrared data transmission chip, and sp5432f, a special control circuit for color and temperature of LED switch, won the 1st, 4th and 11th "China Semiconductor innovation product and Technology Award"; and "embedded USB high fidelity multi format audio decoding chip" won the 6th "China" of the Ministry of industry and information technology "Core" is the most potential award.

                                                The company's products adhere to independent innovation, and at the same time cooperate with domestic famous universities in production, learning and research. Since 2013, we have established a joint laboratory for silicon power management chips with Zhejiang University, and a joint R & D laboratory for wide band gap semiconductor materials and devices with Southeast University since 2019, and a postgraduate internship base of Southeast University. We will carry out technical cooperation in the field of high-frequency, high-power density switching power supply control technology and new Gan power devices, and carry out deep-seated cooperation in personnel training, cutting-edge chip design technology and patent technology industrialization. In December 2016, the company was invited to become the first member of the board of directors of School of microelectronics, Zhejiang University.

                                                Silicon power sincerely welcomes people engaged in microelectronics to join us. We advocate the business philosophy of "refuse mediocrity and create high-quality products". We hope to work with enterprises and institutions at home and abroad as well as friendly people from all walks of life to develop and create the future together.