Silicon power launches SP5366F+SP5430A front stage control dual power color temperature switching LED lighting scheme

                                                writer:admin date:2017-08-22

                                                Scheme performance

                                                Input voltage: 176VAC-265VAC full voltage

                                                Output power: 24W, 70V/160mA+70V/160mA

                                                Average efficiency: 90%

                                                Constant current accurac

                                                Safety certification

                                                Switching speed: <100ms

                                                Reset time adjustable

                                                A plurality of power modules simultaneously switch with high consistency

                                                Meet the high temperature of 85 DEG C and 85% humidity and shell during the 250 hour requirement

                                                EMI radiation and conduction meet the standard requirements of EN55015

                                                Application schematics and performance indicators
                                                原 理 圖
                                                Application scheme physical map
                                                實 物 圖