2019 Annual Party"open innovation, high-quality development"

                                                writer:admin date:2019-01-29

                                                Chinese Spring Festival is coming.On January 25.2019.si- power colleagues gathered in Wuxi Gloria Hotel to hold the annual party and had the honour of inviting Business school of Jiangnan university, Bank of Communications, industry association, supply chain partners and other guests to come to celebrate the New Year.


                                                First of all, Mr. Huang feiming, chairman of the board of directors of the company,  gave New Year greetings to all the staff on behalf of the company and the board of directors. He also expressed his heartfelt thanks and best wishes for the New Year to leaders at all levels and friends from all walks of life who care about and support the development of Si-power.Under the leadership of Mr.Huang, we have gone through an extraordinary 2018. We have worked hard and gained together.In 2019, we have the same goal and are full of confidence, heading for a higher glory.

                                                Then came the award ceremony. The annual party set up two awards named outstanding employee and market development group award, in order to honor the groups and individuals who have made special contributions to si-power in 2018.

                                                In the following artistic performances, si-power staff of each  department  have brought various forms and wonderful performance. From the beautiful melody of the song "blue and white porcelain" to the dance of the girls with full charm "street dance", "fluorescent butterfly", and then to a funny sketch "who is the true jedi king", funny vivid “miniature people dance” making a person dizzying. In the middle of the annual party, there were also games and exciting lottery activities to enliven the atmosphere, which not only brought laughter and laughter to everyone, but also brought the hearts of colleagues closer to each other.The whole annual party was climaxing repeatedly, with songs, applause and cheers always rippling over the venue, presenting the joy and harmony of the si-power family.

                                                The glorious year of 2018 has passed and the challenging year of 2019 has arrived.In the past year, we have laughed, struggled and gained.In the face of 2019, we are full of vision, passion,let us strive for a better tomorrow.