Zhu Xiaohong, deputy director of Wuxi New Area Management Committee and his delegation visited our company for investigation

                                                writer:admin date:2020-05-08

                                                     On May 7, 2020, Zhu Xiaohong, deputy director of the Management Committee of Wuxi high tech Zone and deputy head of Xinwu District, and his delegation visited our company. Director Zhu had a detailed understanding of the current scientific research, production and operation of our company, as well as the impact of the epidemic on the company. And carefully watch and understand all kinds of adapters and charger power supply system modules developed based on the company's chip, and listen to the characteristics of new products to application solutions. Huang Feiming, chairman of the company, introduced the transformation and development process of the company from sound to power chip in recent years. The power products of the company now occupy a leading position in the subdivision field of Netcom adapter. In the charger field, especially the online brand fast charging, we have been rapidly increasing since the fourth quarter of last year, and have a good market share. We are integrating resources and steadily advancing R & D for the fast charging scheme of new generation technology. Director Zhu said that in order to embody its own advantages and make fast charging products bigger, silicon power must enter the system manufacturers and brand customers inbox, pay attention to the product opportunities in key areas such as 5g base station and big data server, seize the current favorable opportunity window of the chip industry, and make the enterprise stronger and bigger.